Who are we?

Back at the end of 2011 a small but dedicated group of women caught "Derbyitis". Fuelled by memories of how much they loved being on skates and with a desire to take on a new challenge of Roller Derby they got together and began guerella skates at the local netball court, while others went to train with Coffs Coast Derby Dolls learning the essentials of Roller Derby to bring back to the rest.


In 2013 PMRDL launched into the Derby World with our "Debutante Brawl" and our first appearance, but by no means our last, at ERRD Smackdown. 

2017 was full of changes for our league, and we are looking forward to an exciting year in 2018.

The Bouters ....

Organ Grinder
Ferret Hex
Scarlett o'Horror
Boom Shaker
Tickle Me
Lady Thumpa
Dammit Janet
Danger Mouse
Chop Ness Monsta
Peaches DeVille
Trixie Hobbitses
Rogue Fury
Candy Chumino
Polly WannaCrackHer
Suzie Rotten
Scary Fairy
Babie Bullet
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Life Members...

Life Member
Alby Mangled
Life Member
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Contact us at: committee@pmrdl.com

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